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  • Drumming Steps by Roby Corelli 
  • Phantom Groove by Roby Corelli
  • Drumming Warrior by Roby Corelli COMING SOON!

Written by renowned musician and drum clinician Roby Corelli, Drumming Steps and Phantom Groove are unique approaches to drumming – employing both traditional method and new techniques to help drummers of all levels reach their full potential.

Both books have a strong emphasis on individuality and creativity, Roby encourages drummers to do their own thing, learning how to develop a unique style and technique based on solid foundations.

Drumming Steps focuses on tightening essential basics while strengthening essential core drumming techniques. Drumming Steps pages are filled with fresh approaches in a unique way that keep challenges fun and rewarding. Drumming Steps is a great way for players at all levels to develop a solid foundation in their drumming skills. 

Phantom Groove main focus is to develop the independence and freedom of ghosted notes on the snare drum. Phantom Groove also examines the way that drummers can develop their own style and sound while re-examining key elements such as timing, feel and groove, co-ordination, mental focus, endurance and stamina together with advanced practical and conceptual lessons. Phantom Groove is for players who are looking to take it way past the next level.